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What types of Weeding Tools, Weed Pullers, Weed Poppers, Weed Twisters, Weed Hoes or other Garden Weeders do You Need?  Special Weed Problems in your State or Region?  How Big are your Weeds?  Match your tools with the most troublesome weeds in your garden or state...  Need a Back-Saving Solution?  How many different Weed Twister Tools, Weed Augers, Weed Spinners are there?   How to select a matching drill(not free!) for garden augers and twisters?

Eight Major Weeding Tools Classifications

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Weed Twisters Comparison

Weed twisting-spinning tools are very popular today and differ either by name, design and / or the way they actually work.  Several precise weed twisters are now on the market, two with the same name of "weed twister", some that are power-drill driven or motorized, an auger root remover, a corkscrew weeder, weed spinner, spinning tools, and other hybrid types described below. 

The Ergonica WEED TWISTER has double-coiled tines like two entwined corkscrews that provide for efficient penetration of the soil and effective loosening and lifting of the target roots.  This is a patented design unique to the Ergonica Weed Twister.  The incomparable versatility of this tool and multitasking capability is evident when studying the Weeding Tool Terrain Hierarchy.  This twister is able to penetrate deeper into tough soil than other competing twisters and pullers.  Built with tough steel for industrial use in farms and forest land management, the no-moving-parts simplicity of this patented tool allows for lighter weight than other twisters and pullers of similar length.  The drill-powered Turbo Weed Twister by Ergonica gives you more speed and ease.  This is the only twister that can also be applied to precise tilling as well as deep root extraction.  For trail maintenance and conservation, this tool serves not only as a heavy duty deep root extractor, but the manual models also double as a great walking staff and additionally as protection against predatory critters. A recent innovation is a T-Handle Adaptor that allows you to use the drill-powered Weed Twister manually if your battery runs low, for example.

The Rittenhouse weed twister has a single triangular blade that  must be twisted against the flat surface for penetration.  A lever is provided to use your foot to push the blade into the roots.  The Ergonica tool does not require the use of your foot to push the coils into the roots because of the efficient double-coil design.  The required foot application of the Rittenhouse tool also limits the reach of the tool when used in flower beds or hillsides, for example.  This limitation applies to all tools that require foot action to operate. Recently, this tool has fallen off the market, apparently. A third "weed twister" by Hastings is also no longer available on the market. 

Weed Queen is almost identical to the Rittenhouse weed twister, as described above, and was presented at weedqueen.com which domain was later abandoned. However, the item may still be available at Amazon.com. Apparently, neither the weed queen nor the Rittenhouse weed twister have patent claims.  If they did, there would be some serious contentions of violations of intellectual property.  Pricing of the weed queen is lower than the Rittenhouse weed twister, however the manufacturers of the weed queen do not publish specific dimensions to enable a technical comparison between the two look-alikes.  The limitations of the weed queen are identical to those of the Rittenhouse weed twister, assuming the dimensions are similar.

A cork screw weeder by Dewit has a single coil or corkscrew that comes in two lengths: about 30 cm and a long handle model of 90 cm.  The coil is 5 inches in length with a precise diameter of 1.5 inches.  The double coil design of the Ergonica Weed Twister is designed to function like a fork in order to grab the roots at the apex of the two twisted tines.  Without the forked apex, a single corkscrew lacks a mechanism to grab and efficiently remove the root once entwined, therefore, more work is required to screw the single corkscrew deeply into the root system.  The forked coils also enable the Ergonica Weed Twister to serve as a precise cultivator, which functionality does not apply to the single corkscrew tool.  See video of corkscrew weeder.

The Wolf Weed Extractor by Wolf-Garten features a single 6-inch scoop with two blade-like edges that are shaped like shark fins one on each side. The D-handle supports twisting the scoop which design is efficient and precise within a 3-inch diameter. The 36-inch handle qualifies for the long-handle class, but the ergonomic value is compromised somewhat by a heavy 4 pound weight, which is nearly three times heavier than the 36-inch Ergonica Weed Twister, for example.  The straight scoop with parallel blades allows this tool to go deep, but the only way to penetrate the soil is to push straight and hard with the D-handle. Wolf-Garten provides a set of interlocking heads and handles for a variety of garden tasks including a push-pull weeder and other tools which are presented in this video. Scroll back on the video to see more options. You can compares this tool with others by clicking the links in the Weeder Features Chart below.

The Chaselink Speedy Weedy is a hybrid twisting tool with three straight prongs and an ejecting mechanism.  Like other multiple-prong tools, the effective depth of penetration is limited by the length of the prongs.  A "T" handle at the top of the 39-inch shaft helps you rotate the tool against the straight tines to engage the roots prior to lifting up.  The removed roots are ejected by pushing down on the spring loaded plunger.  The difference between this multi-prong tool and others by Fiskars and Hound Dog is that the prongs do not include a mechanism for clamping the roots between them.  The twisting motion is therefore needed to entwine the roots between the prongs.  Twisting straight tines is not as efficient as twisting coiled tines as those featured by the Ergonica Weed Twister.  This tool is available both in the US and UK and is listed in Garden Tools and the Weeder Features Chart below.

A Turf-Tec WeedAway is another hybrid twister much like the Chaselink Speedy Weedy and also contains an ejection rod to remove the weed from the tool after popping the weed out of the ground.  The Turf-Tec WeedAway tool uses three 1/4 inch steel spikes to twist weeds from turfgrass areas without bending over and is designed to be a really heavy duty weed removal tool designed for the rugged maintenance of everyday use.  It also has a heavy duty price tag at the 3-digit level.   Although the length of both the Speedy Weedy and the WeedAway are the same 39 inches, the heavy duty steel construction of the Turf-Tec tool is most likely noticeable when comparing its weight against that of the aluminum built Speedy Weedy.  Even though their weights are not specified, these tools most likely weigh twice or thrice the weight of an Ergonica Weed Twister of comparable length. Their ability to seek and destroy deep roots is also limited by the length of their spikes.  The Turf-Tec WeedAway is also listed in the Weeder Features Chart below.

The WeeDigger or Weed Digger from Flexrake features a fork with two straight tines each with a sharp hook.   Apply by push, twist and pull with a 39-inch wooden shaft and T-handle.   The length of the tines limits the depth of penetration.  Flexrake also offers a Hula-Ho product both of which are listed on the chart below. 

Other twisters include a garden claw tool on the market that is applied by twisting, but this tool is actually a cultivator designed to till a much larger diameter area than the other twisting tools and cannot grab and lift individual weeds.   If you're looking into a hand tool for industrial or agricultural applications, several alternatives are also compared on the Hand Weeder Science page.  The Ergonica Weed Twister also provides several models with lengths from 36 inches up to 60 inches. This feature, not offered by other twisters,  allows you to select the best match for your height and the type of application at hand, such as weeding in home gardens, lawns, raised platforms and farms. Some people like the longer lengths to reach under bushes or between landscaping fencing, for example.

Motorized Twisters - Drill Not Included

The power drill D-WeeD-R has been promoted on TV quite aggressively through home shopping networks.  We have tested the D-WeeD-R and ran into problems because our drill was so fast that the weeds quickly wound around the shaft and created a messy removal situation.  Perhaps a slower drill speed may work better.  Many weeds were also torn off from their roots, allowing the roots to revive at a later date.  The quality of steel was also poor and when the cross-pin broke, it was impossible to replace, even though a replacement was provided.  If the quality were improved and a slow drill applied, this could be an effective tool.

The Dandelion Terminator DLT100 is designed much like a 1-inch drill bit with a 14-inch shaft.  An additional 12-inch extension is also available from the manufacturer.  It is not designed to remove the dandelion roots, but merely to suppress it's growth, much like mowing will accomplish.  The astute shopper may wish to use a generic 1-inch drill bit with a standard extension to test the concept before purchasing this tool.

The 36-inch and 42-inch drill-ready Turbo Weed Twisters by Ergonica are longer than most of their competitors and include an extra sleeve grip to provide a high level of precision and two-handed balance of weight and movement.   The sleeve grip and high precision are unique to this tool design.



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No Free Drill:  There are also several augers that drill a hole into the soil with the ability to remove any plants or roots in their paths.  This includes a Weed Claw that features a blade appendage to a power-driven twisting prong.  Several of these claws and twisters are illustrated on the Garden Tools page.   Some questionable TV promotions offer a free drill to accompany the Awesome Auger?   If it sounds too good to be true, buyer beware! Drill-powered tools require a careful match with a drill that may be costly and heavy to lug around.  With a few exceptions, these tools also generally require a certain amount of stooping, based on the length of the auger bit, usually no more than 24 inches, and most are not designed to help clean up the considerable dirt and debris they leave exposed on the surface of the soil.  For ergonomic considerations, look for an auger or drill powered weed twister with a minimal length of 36 inches.  The Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister is designed not just to remove weeds, roots and all, but also to grab the roots in its coils for easy disposal.  No basic auger can claim this root lifting and disposing feature.  For doing a lot of tough weeding at the root level, such as in agriculture or land maintenance, a heavy-duty tool like the Turbo Weed Twister may be the best way to go. 

Paint Mixer Weeders

Several motorized weed spinning, weed spinner - twister tools on the market are designed around the paint mixer concept, a thin rod as long as 30 inches, with one or two small cross appendages that extend the radius to pull weed stems.  These appendages are small because they cannot withstand a lot of torque from the spinning drill due to the material used and the way they are attached to the rod.  For small weeds with shallow, thin roots, these tools may be handy especially due to their low cost. One drawback is that grasses and lengthy weed stems are likely to be severely entangled with this paint mixer type of design.  The double-coiled Ergonica Weed Twister in contrast is designed to quickly eject short and long stems by reversing the rotational direction. Most other drill-powered weed augers do not provide this time-saving facility, which can be seen in the video on this page. The Ergonica tool is also made of high-grade tempered steel suitable for industrial applications, which is not true of most other motorized twisting, spinning weed removal tools of this class.

Matching Drill:  Select a high power (12 - 24 volts) cordless drill with a dual / variable speed and reversible option.  The tougher your soil, such as with clay or dry dirt, the more power you will need.  More power with less speed, such as 500 rpm or less, will make the power-weeding job much easier.  A chuck size of at least 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch capacity will accommodate more durable and longer drill bits. The popular Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister ups the ante to a minimum 1/2 inch chuck (see Drill Examples below).  If you can get a cordless drill with good power that also weighs less than 5 pounds, so much the better.   At least 275 in./lbs. of torque will give you adequate twisting power and two batteries will allow you to keep working while charging a spent battery.  Variable clutch settings allows the drill to safely stop twisting upon heavy resistance, such as when you encounter a root that is too large or you hit a rock or other solid object in the soil.  This protects your auger or twister as well as your hand and wrist from excessive stress.    A variable clutch and hammer drill option will also help to protect your drill from overheating in tough soil.

Keyless chucks are handy and can save you a few moments when changing drill bits.  Some experts assert, however, that keyed chucks give you a stronger hold on your bit than the standard keyless variety.   Some hammer drills use a unique keyless SDS chuck for compatible SDS shanks.  This is a special design that produces great holding power and support for hammer / percussion and impact drills.  Weed augers and drill weeders do not generally come with an SDS shank, however.  The Turbo Weed Twister is one of the few weed augers and drills designed with a 3/8 inch hex shank which gives strong torque support when fitted with a 1/2 inch keyed or standard keyless chuck. 

Drill Examples:  You can see a good selection of suitable cordless drills at Ergonica Superstore with some Amazon.com comparisons. High powered cordless drills with the features outlined above are always useful, not only in your garden, but for all your other drilling, driving screws and do-it-yourself jobs around the house.  Expect to pay $100 to $300 or more for a high-power, high-quality cordless drill. The 36-inch or 42-inch Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister will make a great match with any professional drill with a 1/2 inch or larger chuck. For example, several positive tests shown on video have been made with the a Makita 3-speed hammer drill,  Makita model BHP451.  Compare prices for several 1/2 inch cordless drills at Amazon.com.   See the Weeder Features Chart below for a convenient comparison of these weed twisters and other types of weed pullers across selected features.

To twist or not to twist, that is the twister?

For many gardeners, no single weeder does everything you may need to do.  If you need to remove dandelions by their roots from your lawn, you may chose one of the precise weed twisters or other lawn weeders that are not of the hoe-blade type.  If you need to remove smaller weeds efficiently from larger areas, you may pick from several of the hoe-type tools or the multitasking Ergonica Weed Twister.  If you need to do both, as do most gardeners, you may select two or three tools that best match the weeds and circumstances in your garden as well as the way you like to work.  Some people enjoy collecting a variety of unique gardening tools for weeding and other purposes.  New garden tools are fun, but also require a bit of experimentation and study to get the best use of each tool.  The best use advice for the Ergonica Weed Twister, for example, is provided on the Weed Twister websiteAre you ready to stop pulling and start twisting?

Weeder Type Classes and Weeder Features

In addition to the eight major classes of weeding tools identified in the Tool Terrain Hierarchy, each tool has different features as we have defined for ergonomics, for example, back-saving or short-handled, or levels of precision.  You can also further distinguish tools by price, and weight  and whether available on the web or in your local retail stores, and so on.  We have taken some of these features and made a chart to show how a variety of tools measure up respectively.  If you are a serious shopper, you can also make your own spreadsheet and add any features that are important to you.

The great variety of weeding tools available show more creative ingenuity and diversity than possibly any other category of hand tools.  This is no doubt a reflection of the great variety of weed shapes and sizes and the different types of situations in which these misplaced plants are found.  It is also a reflection of the preferences we each have for either using power tools or no power tools, for example.  Likewise, some people prefer complex tools with moving parts, whereas others prefer simple tools with no moving parts, an elegant solution.  If you have back pains or arthritis, for example, your body may tell you which types of tools to select.  If you're buying tools for a farm or land management operation, you need to look for industrial grade tools that match the vegetation and terrain in your region.  A responsible employer will also look after the safety of workers in the fields by equipping them with ergonomic tools.  After all, even with the best equipment, spending hours a day in the sun pulling weeds is no picnic! Still in development there are several robotic weed removers for large fields and agricuture and possibly a Roomba for your home garden.

As stated above: Different weeders for different weeds!  How many different types of saws do you have in your tool shed?  How about screw drivers?  How about shovels or pruners, for example?  Does one pruning tool handle all your needs?  Probably not.  There's no single weeder that can claim to handle all types, sizes and shapes of weeds, either!  We offer the Eight Major Weeder Tool Classes and Weeder Features Chart to help you zero in on a few of the types of tools you need to make your life in the midst of weeds a little easier.  If you're a professional weed maintenance specialist, land manager or farmer, this may be a good time to get serious and get smart about appropriate tool selection.  You may consider testing a careful selection of new tools to see which ones help you the most.   Our old traditional tools may still have a place in our garden while we try out new tools and new methods of gardening, such as organic or polyculture methods.  You will find one of the largest selection of all types of weeders, mulches and chemicals, including organic herbicides,  for review or purchase on the Garden Tools page. 

Remember that most of the unique tools we describe are not distributed to retail stores.  If you're not comfortable with online shopping for garden tools, please consider that paying for shipping is kinder to the environment than driving your vehicle from store to store!  You may consider a little inconvenience in the shipping time and cost for the benefit of the best tool that fits your weeds and needs. (It's safer and less time-consuming, too!)

The Weeder Features Chart below includes examples of individual products described by the features we have defined and selected primarily by the convenience of weeders found on the web.  This selection includes primarily the middle range of terrains, within a few inches above and below the soil surface, to which most of the weed pullers, twisters and poppers are devoted. This chart, which separates long-handle and short-handle weed removal tools into two groups, is not presented as a comprehensive list. We frequently identify and describe other products as a result of continuing research.  The feature terms used in the chart are defined as follows:

Definition of Terms for Weeder Features Chart

Weeder Features Chart
Product Comparison


Back-Saving Long Handle Weeders:

Tool Manufacturer Model Graphic Lawn Lift Till Dig 1 Hand Foot Price $ Length Web Buy Terrains Mechanism
Awesome Auger Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $30 14"-36" Yes D Twister - Split Disk element - extends to 36" - Drill not included!
Bulb Auger Photo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $28 24" Yes D Twister - Spiral Disk element for planting and digging 2-3/4" diameter
Bean or Weed Hook - Bully Tools Photo No No No No No No $22 47.8" Yes E 3.5-inch Hook shaped blade dual sided
Brush Grubber Photo Yes Yes No No No Yes $95 26" Yes D 10 no-slip grip teeth per pad and spring-loaded jaws
Dandelion Weeder - Ames Long Handle 1941600 Photo Yes No No Yes No No $18 36" Yes D V-Notched Prong - long handle
Dandelion Weeder Long Handle Photo Yes No No Yes No No $20 36" Yes D V-Notched Prong
Circular Hoe - Carrot Design Photo No No Yes No No No $20 14.5" Yes F Circle hoe loop
Creative Ent. Winged Weeder Photo No No No No No No $26 61" Yes F Wing-shaped hoe blade telescoping handle
Ergonica T-Handle Weed Twister Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $20 - $37 36" - 60" Yes BCDFG Twister - 2 coiled tines 2" coil diameter
Ergonica T-Handle Weed Twister - 42" length Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $27 42" Yes BCDFG Twister - 2 coiled tines 2" coil diameter
Ergonica T-Handle Weed Twister - 60" length Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $37 60" Yes BCDFG Twister - 2 coiled tines 2" coil diameter
Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister Auger 36" - Drill Powered Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $50 36" Yes BCDFG Twister - 2 coiled tines 2" coil diameter - Your 1/2" drill required
Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister Auger 42" - Drill Powered Video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $55 42" Yes BCDFG Twister - 2 coiled tines 2" coil diameter - Your 1/2" drill required
Fiskars Uproot Weeder Photo Yes Yes No No No Yes $39 39.5" Yes D 4 straight tines + foot lever
Flexrake - Hula-Hoe Photo Yes Yes No No No No $21 54" Yes D Scuffle Hoe
Flexrake - WeeDigger Photo Yes Yes No No No No $13 39" Yes D Fork with two sharp straight tines T-Handle
Garden Weasel - Cultivator Long Handle Photo No No Yes No No No $45 54" Yes F 3 rotating spur-shaped wheels
Garden Weasel - Garden Claw 91316 Photo No No Yes No No No $23 38" Yes F 4 tines @ 4"-6" length T-handle push and twist
Goserud Glide & Groom Hoe Photo No No Yes No No No $30 Yes F 4 thin blades 6.5" width
Goserud Double-V Hoe Photo No No Yes No No No $30 Yes F Double-V blade 3" width
Grass-Weed Whip True Temper Photo No No No No No No $27 42" Yes E 9" wide Serrated double-edged blade
Heart-Shaped Hoe - Garrett Wade Photo No No Yes No No No $44 41" Yes F Heart-shaped blade
Honeysuckle Popper - Shrub Buster Video No No No No No Yes $139-$149 79" Yes BCD Curved Lever heavy duty
Hoss Wheel Hoe Photo No No Yes Yes No No $200 72" Yes F Wheel hoe with attachments
Lazy Dog Grubbing Tool Photo No No No Yes No Yes £58 ? Yes D Long lever with pivot - various models from UK
Lee Valley Water-Powered Weeder Photo Yes No No Yes Yes No $40 43" Yes D Water jet
Oscillating Hoe - Ammann Photo No No Yes No No No $45 60" Yes F Rocking double-edged shuffle hoe / hula hoe
Pullerbear Tree Puller Video No Yes No No No No $125-$230 36" - 56" Yes BCD Locking jaws lever
Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel Saw Video No Yes Yes Yes No Yes $49 45" Yes B "Inverted V" cutting blade tip and specially designed root-cutting rip saw teeth
Root Assassin Shovel Saw Video No Yes Yes Yes No Yes $50 48" Yes B hybrid wedge shaped shovel-saw combo 16 serrated teeth on each side
Root Jack Video No Yes No No No Yes $185 40"? Yes B curved wrench jaws with extended base leverage 1-1/2" shrub diameter limit
Root Talon Photo No Yes No Yes No No $47 36" Yes B 2 Prong Hoe-Mattock leverage
Seymour Aluminum Landscape Rake Photo No No No No No No $53-$62 66" Yes E Rake 36 inch head heavy duty;
Speedy Weedy - Chaselink Photo Yes Yes No No No No $30 39.5" Yes D Twister - 3 Straight tines, ejecting rod hand knob
Stick 'n' Kick Weed Puller Photo Yes No No Yes Yes Yes $25 41" Yes F V-Notched Prong - Pad to Kick
Tiller / Cultivator - Sun Joe Electric Model TJ603E Video No No Yes Yes No No $149 40" Yes E 6 Tines Corded 12 Amp 16" wide 8" deep adjustable
Toro 8-inch Cordless Trimmer Photo No No No No No No $62 - $69 40" Yes E String trimmer 8" diameter 12-volt battery
Turf-Tec WeedAway Photo Yes Yes No No No No $74 39" Yes D Twister - 3 Straight tines, ejecting rod
Water-Powered Weeder - Lee Valley & veritas Photo Yes No No No Yes No $50 43" Yes D pressure water jet penetrates soil
Weed Popper - Garden Weasel Photo Yes Yes No No No Yes $40 43" Yes D 5 Straight tines with foot lever
Weed Wrench Photo No Yes No No No Yes $82 -$189 24" - 60" Yes? BCD Heavy jaws lever - (Recently stopped sales?)
Weeder Bully -QPI Tools Photo Yes Yes No No No No $22 36" Yes D 6 3-inch straight tines - hand lever push & twist
Weed Queen - Weedqueen.com Photo Yes Yes No No No Yes $21 33" Yes D Twister - Wedge shaped root blade
Weed Torch - Red Dragon VT1-32C Mini Dragon Torch Kit Photo Yes No No No No No $56 32" Yes D Butane torch 25,000 BTU
Weed Twister - Rittenhouse Photo Yes Yes No No No No $17 33" Yes? D Twister - Cone shaped root trap - (Recently closed sales?)
Weed Zinger Video Yes Yes No No No Yes $35 36" Yes D 5 3-inch straight tines - spring action ejects weeds - foot lever
Weedivator - Gempler`s Photo No Yes Yes No No No $32 59" Yes F Cupped Scuffle hoe + 4 L-shaped tines
Wolf Weed Extractor - Wolf-Garten Video Yes No No No No No $35 33" Yes E Twisting scoop with two shark-like fins and D-Handle
Worx Dual Line Trimmer Video Yes No No No No No $85 - $95 27" Yes E Dual line 12-inch Trimmer 4.5 amps telescopic handle
Worx Single 12" Line Trimmer / Edger Video Yes No No No No No $117 27" Yes E Single line 12-inch 20V Lithium Battery Trimmer telescopic handle

Looking for a Special Hoe Weeder, Fork-Hoe, Cordless Drill, Earth Auger?

See many of these and alternative tools on the Garden Tools page!


Short Handle Weeders:

Tool Manufacturer Model Graphic Lawn Lift Till Dig 1 Hand Price $ Length Web Buy Terrains Mechanism
Cobra Head Video Yes No Yes Yes Yes 20 12" Yes D Curved cobra-shaped prong
Corkscrew Weeder Video Yes Yes Yes Yes No 28 30cm Yes D Twister - single coiled tine
Corona Clipper Stainless Steel Weeder Photo Yes Yes No No Yes 9 12" Yes D V-shaped prong with fulcrum
Diggit, Inc. Diggit Video Yes No No Yes Yes 7 12" Yes D V-grooved blade
Fist Grip Ergonomic Garden Weeder Photo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 9 12" Yes D Trowel or Fork with fist-grip handle 
Forged Handy Weeder - A.M. Leonard Photo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 30 15" Yes F Wedge-shaped hoe blade  
Precision Weeder Cast Aluminum - A.M. Leonard Photo Yes No Yes Yes Yes 16 13" Yes F Fork-tipped blade - comfort grip

Clearly, there are many good choices to help you do the job of weeding.  Your weeding tool arsenal may need several new tools for weeds of various sizes and shapes.  If you're narrowing down your selection to two or three choices, such as a weed twister and a special hoe, for example, you can examine the web site for each tool using the links on the Weeder Features Chart above or the Garden Tools page.  Perhaps your choices may include one or more Ergonica Weed Twisters of different sizes, because you have little time to spare and need it's multitasking capabilities.  You may also select other twisters or pullers with certain features that match your needs and preferences.  With two or three well-chosen hand tools, your most stubborn weeds will finally meet their match.  But don't throw away your old wide-blade hoe just yet.  If you sharpen it up a bit, it may still come in handy at times!  And don't forget, buying cool tools is the fun part!  Make sure you also allow yourself enough time to twist or rip those weeds before they block your path! 

Are You a Weeding Tool Expert?

If you have studied the details of this page and can answer the following questions correctly, you can qualify to receive a Weeding Tool Apprentice Certificate by Ergonica:

  1. What are the pros and cons of using a traditional wide-blade hoe for weeding?

  2. Name three weeding tools that are suitable for removing dandelions from lawns?

  3. What kinds of weeding tools should you be looking for in Organic gardening or sustainable agriculture?

  4. Are short-handled tools necessary for precise weeding?

  5. What kind of drill should you use to power a weed removing auger or claw?

  6. Which of the Weeding Tool Terrains applies to grassy weeds like crabgrass?

  7. Name three weed species that cannot be removed effectively by the Ergonica Weed Twister and explain why each is included?

  8. Why do some people use herbicides instead of hand tools for weeding?

  9. What are the main reasons why weeds may repeatedly return to the same place?

  10. Is there any one hand tool that can solve all weed removal problems?


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