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A Valentine to Pick


Ray Cruz

February 13, 2000

Though it be late, or coming soon,
All flowers here are still in bloom.
A Valentine from me to you,
A gentle touch will make each blush.

Chrysanthemum named Hardy Mum,
Wax Begonia will you take?
Awaken to the
Morning Glory,
Let the
Impatiens catch your eye.

Petunias will warm your heart,
Lobelias are cheerful spots.
You may embrace the
Thrill to the
Greek Windflower.


Touch my name to make me blush... Be gentle please...

A Snowdrop is a flower, too,
And so a
Tiger Lily.
Do not ignore the
Nor scoff the
Winter Aconite.

Montbretias will spark the fire,
Embraced with
Crown Imperials.
Daylilies glisten in the sun,
As do the wild
Spring Beauties.

Each blossom here will come alive,
When nature is allowed to grow.
If love has frozen in your heart,
The warmth of Spring will melt the snow.


Touch my name to make me blush... Be gentle please...

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