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Tom: Should I feel guilty about killing plants?

Dr. Yucca:  Do so with care, and nurture more than you destroy.  Use Organic Herbicides or mechanical tools to protect the environment.  Remember that someday we will all do our final twist dance, like weeds with the Weed Twister.  Your body may someday feed the worms, weeds and trees, if you so generously give it back to nature, the World of Weeds.  If you feel you have a problem with violent tendencies, especially towards people and other animals, however, you may wish to investigate the ethics of The Civil Gentleman.  I assume you understand that picking fruit, harvesting grain, whacking wild oats and biting off human ears do not fall in the same class of ethical behavior!

What kinds of weeding tools do You need?

Weed Eezy

This device eliminates overspray when applying herbicides because it works by pinpoint touch application directly to the offending weed. When the spring loaded valve in the applicator head is depressed, sufficient liquid herbicide (of your choice) is released to the end sponge to treat 20 to 25 weeds. There is no back bending. This is a more efficient use of weed killer, and avoids leaky messes.


Weed Eezy

Weed Eezy

Tom: Maybe I should look into that Civil Gentleman ethics thing.  But, have you ever heard of the Society for the Prevention of Excessive Weeding?

Dr. Yucca: I've only heard rumors of the existence of SPEW, apparently an underground cultish group that works in mysterious ways.  One rumor is that they pray to the mythical Universal Mother of Weeds (UMOW) and ask for her permission prior to removing weeds whenever necessary.

Does your Roundup need a Boost?

Organic Herbicides and the Weed Twister together make a powerful combination - Beyond the endurance of even the most troublesome weeds!  Herbicides don't remove weeds, the Weed Twister does! Great Weed Control solutions from the Ergonica Superstore!

E-zee Weeder

Using the time-honored method of salt as a weed killer, the E-Zee Weeder provides a pin-point application of coarse pickling salt or kosher salt directly to the weed. This dehydrates and kills the tap root of dandelions, thistle, etc. It is not for use in flowerbeds, but works great on lawns infested with dandelions, thistles and weeds with single tap roots. After 1 week the root is dead, after 2 weeks new grass covers the wilted dandelion. Developed and fabricated in Sweden.


E-zee Weeder

E-zee Weeder

Ergonica 7 - Level Weed Control
Ergonomic Balance for Safety

  1. Native Plants /
              Exotic Plants
  2. Limited Cultivation Mulching /
              Deep Cultivation
  3. Natural Irrigation /
              Artificial Irrigation
  4. Mechanical Tools /
              Chemical Control
  5. Safe Organic Products /
              Dangerous Herbicides and Pesticides
  6. Reasonable Weed Tolerance and Appreciation /
              Destruction of all Uninvited Plants
  7. Reasonable Pest Tolerance /
              Killing all Pests

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What kinds of weeding tools do You need?

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Does your Roundup need a Boost?

Musings of Dr. Yucca: Let your garden thrive! A safe and sane delight.

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