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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Weed Identification Guide Australia Victorian Fodder Industry

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PDF 56 pages 190 species by Australian Agricultural Contractors Association Incorporated, Australian Agricultural Contractors Association Incorporated (AACAInc) PO Box 1883, Bakery Hill, Ballarat, VIC, 3354
Phone: 0418 503 974
Email: info@agcontracting.org.au
Website: http://www.agcontracting.org.au
ABN 71 516 754 008
For information about the Association or becoming a ?WEEDSTOP? accredited contractor please contact the Association. Authors M. T. Patrick, K.M Roche, E.E Coker and M.A. Semken,

Weed Identification Guide Australia Victorian Fodder Industry Weed classification

The Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CaLP Act) classifies noxious weeds into four categories: State prohibitedweeds - Either do not occur in Victoria or it is reasonably expected they can be eradicated. DPI is responsible for the eradication of these species on both private and public land. Although it is unlikely that State prohibited weeds would be spread by contractors they may encounter these species. Reporting these species to DPI on 136 186 will ensure that treatment and removal are carried out in a safe and timely manner. Regionally prohibitedweeds - do not occur or are not widely distributed throughout a region. The plant is capable of growing and spreading and it is reasonable to expect that it can be eradicated from the region. Land owners must eradicate. Regionally controlled weeds - occur in a region and are capable of spreading further. Continuing control measures should be taken to prevent it from spreading. Land owners must control the growth and spread of these plants. Restricted weeds - pose a significant risk of spreading, and are a serious threat to primary production, Crown land, the environment or community health. If sold or traded in Victoria there would be an unacceptable risk of it spreading within Victoria and to other States and Territories. Undeclared weeds - are not considered noxious under the CaLP Act but pose a threat to agriculture. These weeds have been identified as a threat to fodder, crops or toxic to livestock

Index of Weeds
Acroptilon repens .17
African feather-grass See: Pennisetum macrourum
African love-grass See: Eragrostis curvula
Agrostis capillaris .11
Alhagi maurorum .43
Allium triquetrum .17
Allium vineale .18
Alternanthera pungens .18
Amsinckia spp .19
angled onion See: Allium triquetrum
annual barley grass See: Critesion murinum
apple of Sodom See: Solanum linnaeanum
artichoke thistle See: Cynara cardunculus
Asphodelus fistulosus .19
Bathurst burr See: Xanthium spinosum
bindweed See: Convolvulus arvensis
bitou bush See: Chrysanthemoides monilifera
black knapweed See: Centaurea nigra
blackberry See: Rubus fruticosus agg.
boneseed See: Chrysanthemoides monilifera
branched broomrape See: Orobanche ramosa
browntop bent grass See: Agrostis capillaris
buffalo burr See: Solanum rostratum
Californian thistle See: Cirsium arvense
caltrop See: Tribulus terrestris
camel thorn See: Alhagi maurorum
cane needle grass See: Nassella hyalina
Cape tulip (one-leaf) See: Moraea flaccida
Cape tulip (two-leaf) See: Moraea miniata
Carduus pycnocephalus .20
Carduus tenuiflorus .20
Cenchrus longispinus .11
Centaurea calcitrapa .20
Centaurea solstitialis .21
Chenopodium album .21
Chilean needle-grass See: Nassella neesiana
Chondrilla juncea .22
Chrysanthemoides monilifera .43
Cirsium arvense .22
Cirsium vulgare .23
common heliotrope See: Heliotropium europaeum
common stork's-bill See: Erodium botrys
Conium maculatum .23
Convolvulus arvensis .24
corkscrews See: Erodium cicutarium, Erodium botrys,
Erodium moschatum
cotton thistle See: Onopordum nervosum
Crataegus monogyna .44
Critesion hystrix .12
Critesion murinum .12
Critesion secalinum .12
Cuscuta spp .42
Cynara cardunculus .24
Cytisus scoparius 44
Datura ferox .25
Datura inoxia .25
Datura stramonium .25
Daucus carota .25
devil's claw (purple-flower) See: Proboscidea louisianica
devil's claw (yellow-flower) See: Proboscidea lutea
Dipsacus fullonum .26
dodder See: Cuscuta spp
Echium plantagineum .26
Echium vulgare .27
Emex australis .27
English broom See: Cytisus scoparius
Eragrostis curvula .13
Erodium botrys .28
Erodium cicutarium .28
Erodium moschatum .28
fat hen See: Chenopodium album
foxtail fescue See: Vulpia myuros
gentle Annie See: See: Cenchrus longispinus
great mullein See: Verbascum thapsus
hardheads See: Acroptilon repens
hawkweeds See: Hieracium spp
hawthorn See: Crataegus monogyna
Heliotropium europaeum .28
hemlock See: Conium maculatum
heraldic thistle See: Onopordum acanthium
Hieracium spp .29
hoary cress See: Lepidium draba
horehound See: Marrubium vulgare
Hypericum perforatum .29
Hypericum triquetrifolium .30
Illyrian thistle See: Onopordum illyricum
Iva axillaris .30
khaki weed See: Alternanthera pungens
Lepidium draba .31
Leucanthemum vulgare .31
lobed needle grass See: Nassella charruana
long stork's-bill See: Erodium cicutarium
Marrubium vulgare .32
Mediterranean barley grass See: Critesion hystrix
mesquite See: Prosopis spp.
Mexican feather grass See: Nassella tenuissima
Moraea flaccida .32
Moraea miniata .32
musky's stork's-bill See: Erodium moschatum
Nassella charruana .13
Nassella hyalina .14
Nassella leucotricha .14
Nassella neesiana .14
Nassella tenuissima .15
Nassella trichotoma .15
Noogoora burr See: Xanthium strumarium
onion weed See: Asphodelus fistulosus
Onopordum acanthium .33
Onopordum acaulon .33
Onopordum illyricum .34
Onopordum nervosum .34
Onopordum tauricum .34
Orobanche ramosa .42
Oxalis pes-caprae .35
ox-eye daisy See: Leucanthemum vulgare
Parthenium hysterophorus .35
parthenium weed See: Parthenium hysterophorus
Paterson's curse See: Echium plantagineum
Pennisetum macrourum .16
perennial barley grass See: Critesion secalinum
perennial thistle See: Cirsium arvense
Picnomon acarna .36
Poverty weed See: Iva axillaris
Proboscidea louisianica .36
Proboscidea lutea .36
Prosopis spp. .45
ragwort See: Senecio jacobaea
rat's tail fescue See: Vulpia myuros
Reseda luteola .37
Rubus fruticosus agg. .45
Russian knapweed See: Acroptilon repens
St Barnaby's thistle See: Centaurea solstitialis
St John's wort See: Hypericum perforatum
Scotch thistle See: Onopordum acanthium
sea barley grass See: Critesion hystrix
Senecio jacobaea .37
serrated tussock See: Nassella trichotoma
shore thistle See: Carduus pycnocephalus
silver grass See: Vulpia bromoides
silverleaf nightshade See: Solanum elaegnifolium
Silybum marianum .38
skeleton weed See: Chondrilla juncea
slender thistle See: Carduus tenuiflorus
Solanum elaegnifolium .38
Solanum linnaeanum .46
Solanum rostratum .39
soldier thistle See: Picnomon acarna
soursob See: Oxalis pes-caprae
spear thistle See: Cirsium vulgare
spiny burr grass See: Cenchrus longispinus
spiny emex See: Emex australis
squirrel-tail fescue See: Vulpia bromoides
star thistle See: Centaurea calcitrapa
stemless thistle See: Onopordum acaulon
tangled hypericum See: Hypericum triquetrifolium
Taurian thistle See: Onopordum tauricum
Texas needle grass See Nassella leucotricha
thorn apple (common) See: Datura stramonium
thorn apple (long-spine) See: Datura ferox
thorn apple (recurved) See: Datura inoxia
Tribulus terrestris .39
variegated thistle See: Silybum marianum
Verbascum thapsus .40
viper's bugloss See: Echium vulgare
Vulpia bromoides .16
Vulpia muralis .16
Vulpia myuros . 16
wall fescue See: Vulpia muralis
Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera .40
wild carrot See: Daucus carota
wild garlic See: Allium vineale
wild mignonette See: Reseda luteola
wild teasel See: Dipsacus fullonum
wild watsonia See: Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera
Xanthium spinosum .41
Xanthium strumarium .41

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