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Wednesday December 08, 2021
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Weed Identification & Control in the Florida Landscape PCMGS2007

It's Free!

PDF 99 pages many species and images by Laura M. Miller UF/IFAS Hillsborough and Polk County Extension

Weed Identification & Control in the Florida Landscape PCMGS2007

Weeds Favored by High Soil Moisture
? Sedges - purple nutsedge, green kyllinga
? Rushes
? Annual bluegrass
? Mosses, algae, liverwort
? Alligatorweed
? Pennywort aka Dollarweed
? Virginia buttonweed

Weeds Favored by Low Soil Moisture
? Prostrate spurge
? Poorjoe
? Common lespedeza
? Prostrate knotweed

Soil Fertility Effects on Weeds
? Low N - legumes, mosses
? High P - annual bluegrass
? High N - common chickweed, annual bluegrass, ryegrass
? Low soil pH - red sorrel, broomsedge

Weeds may indicate a nematode problem
? spurges
? Florida pusley
? prostrate knotweed

Types of Weeds
Broadleaf (Dicot)
? Net venation, opposite, alternate or whorled leaves, showy flowers, two cotyledon leaves.
Grasses (Monocot)
? Parallel venation, alternate or 2-ranked leaves, rounded or flattened stems.
Sedges, garlic,etc (Monocot)
? Parallel venation, 3-ranked leaves, triangular stems

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