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Friday September 17, 2021
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Identification and Control of Perennial Grassy Weeds Indiana

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PDF 4 pages 8 species by Zac Reicher, Cale Bigelow and Aaron Patton, Purdue University Cooperative Estension Service West Lafayette Indiana.

Identification and Control of Perennial Grassy Weeds Indiana

Perennial grasses are considered weeds when they disrupt the uniformity of a turf area with their different colors, textures, or growth habits compared to the desired species. Perennial grassy weeds are difficult to identify. Once identified, perennial grassy weeds are often difficult to control because there are few if any effective selective herbicides, and the nonselective herbicides require multiple applications. In many cases, perennial grassy weeds should simply be tolerated because they would be too difficult to control.

Perennial grasses can be grouped by their growth habit. Bunch grasses are those grasses that do not spread vegetatively, whereas spreading grasses can spread up to a foot or more every season via rhizomes and/or stolons. Bunch grasses can usually be dug out of the turf or controlled with a single application of the non-selective herbicides glyphosate or gluphosinate. Conversely, spreading grasses can only be controlled by the systemic herbicide glyphosate, but multiple applications are required to effectively control the rhizomes or stolons.

Perennial grassy weeds can be further grouped by their lifecycle. Cool-season grasses stay green almost throughout the year, depending on where you live in Indiana. Warm-season grasses green-up in early summer, grow actively throughout the summer, and turn brown with the first frost. Understanding the lifecycles is important because cool-season weeds can be controlled almost throughout the year, whereas warm season grasses can be controlled by applications in June through early September.

Weeds Identified:

Bunch Grasses
Tall Fescue

Cool-season spreading grasses
Creeping Bentgrass
Rough bluegrass

Warm-season spreading grasses

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