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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Invasive Plants Field and Reference Guide

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PDF 88 pages 15 species identified by Cynthia D. Huebner, with Cassandra Olson and Heather C. Smith, United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Northeastern Research Station Eastern Region Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry NA-TP-05-04. Invasive Plants Field and Reference Guide: An Ecological Perspective of Plant Invaders of Forests and Woodlands.

Purpose of This Field Guide:
There are many field guides available about invasive plants and their identification. The purpose of this particular field guide is to give a scientific synthesis of what is known about the behavior of such species in managed, disturbed, and pristine forested systems in addition to key information for accurate identification. Such information will be helpful when prioritizing research questions and choosing the best control strategies. Control methods for each species are not provided. The most successful control methods are most often site-specific; over-generalizing control methods might lead to poor management and frustrating outcomes. This is not to say that the information that is available should not be used; this guide just could not do it justice and still achieve its primary goals.

Species List
By Common Name

Garlic mustard ? Alliaria petiolata
Giant hogweed ? Heracleum mantegazzianum
Japanese knotweed ? Fallopia japonica
Japanese stiltgrass ? Microstegium vimineum

Japanese honeysuckle ? Lonicera japonica
Kudzu vine ? Pueraria montana var. lobata
Mile-a-minute weed ? Polygonum perfoliatum
Oriental bittersweet ? Celastrus orbiculatus

Amur honeysuckle, bush honeysuckle ? Lonicera maackii
Autumn olive ? Elaeagnus umbellata
Common buckthorn ? Rhamnus cathartica
Japanese barberry ? Berberis thunbergii
Multiflora rose ? Rosa multiflora

Norway maple ? Acer platanoides
Tree of heaven ? Ailanthus altissima

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