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Wednesday December 08, 2021
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Field Guide to the Identification of Cogongrass

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PDF 20 pages 5 weed species with images by Evans, C.W., D.J. Moorhead, C.T. Bargeron, and G.K. Douce. 2006. The University of Georgia Bugwood Network, Tifton GA, BW-2006-04.

Field Guide to the Identification of Cogongrass: With comparisons to other commonly found grass species in the Southeast.

Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) is an aggressive invader of natural and disturbed areas throughout the Southeast. It disrupts ecosystem functions, reduces wildlife habitat, decreases tree seedling growth and establishment success, and alters fire regimes and intensity. Recognizing the presence of cogongrass is necessary before beginning any management activities. While other species may look similar, cogongrass has a unique combination of characteristics that make field identification possible. This field guide describes and illustrates these characteristics and compares them to other grass species common found in similar habitats. Easy-to-understand terminology is used when possible, and definitions for technical terms are provided below. Cogongrass is a Federal Noxious Weed and any infestation must be identified by the appropriate state or federal authority. If you think you have cogongrass on your land, please contact your state department of agriculture or USDA-APHIS office. For more information of cogongrass ecology and control, visit www.cogongrass.org.

Scientific Names of Compared Species
? Vasey grass (Paspalum urvillei)
? Johnsongrass (Sorghum haplense)
? Silver beardgrass (Bothriochloa laguroides)
? Broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus)

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