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Carnivorous Plant Identification and Cultivation Arizona, SW USA

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PDF 90 pages 35 species and images by TLC P.O. Box 420 Payson, AZ 85547-0420. ?2006 Technical Learning College (TLC). No part of this work may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means without TLC?s prior written approval.

This CEU course manual provides general pesticide safety awareness and should not be used as a basis for pesticide treatment method/device guidance. This document is not a detailed pesticide information resource or a source or remedy for poison control.

Technical Learning College or Technical Learning Consultants, Inc. make no warranty, guarantee or representation as to the absolute correctness or appropriateness of the information in this manual and assumes no responsibility in connection with the implementation of this information. It cannot be assumed that this manual contains all measures and concepts required for specific conditions or circumstances. This document is to be used solely for educational purposes only and is not considered a legal document.

Pesticides are poisonous. Always read and carefully follow all precautions and safety recommendations given on the container label. Store all chemicals in the original labeled containers in a locked cabinet or shed, away from food or feeds, and out of the reach of children, unauthorized persons, pets, and livestock. Confine chemicals to the property being treated. Avoid drift onto neighboring properties, especially gardens containing fruits and/or vegetables.

Carnivorous Plant Identification and Cultivation

Identification Terms 12
Carnivorous Plant Introduction 13
Pitfall Traps 15
Nepenthes 19
Bromeliads 21
Flypaper Traps 27
Snap Traps 31
Aldrovanda 32
Trigger Hairs 33
Bladder Traps 35
Lobster Pot Traps 39
Borderline Carnivores 41
Cultivation Section 43
Sundews 45
Venus Flytraps 47
Bromeliads 49
Plant Glossary 51
References 77

Bromeliads Genera:
? Abromeitiella Mez
? Acanthostach ys Klotzsch
? Aechmea Ruiz & Pav.
? Alcantarea
? Ananas Mill. - Includes the pineapple.
? Andrea Mez
? Androlepis Brongn ex Houllet
? Araeococcus Brongn
? Ayensua L.B.Sm.
? Billbergia Thunb.
? Brewcaria L.B.Sm., Steyerm. & H.Rob
? Brocchinia Schult.f.
? Bromelia L.
? Canistropsis
? Canistrum E.Morren
? Catopsis Griseb.
? Connellia N.E.Br.
? Cottendorfia Schult.f.
? Cryptanthus Otto & A.Dietr.
? Deinacanthon
? Deuterocohnia Mez
? Disteganthus Lem.
? Dyckia Schult.f.
? Edmundoa
? Encholirium Mart. ex Schult.f.
? Fascicularia Mez
? Fernseea Baker
? Fosterella L.B.Sm.
? Glomeropitcair nia Mez
? Greigia Regel
? Guzmania Ruiz & Pav.
? Hechtia Klotzsch
? Hohenbergia Schult.f.
? Hohenbergiop sis L.B.Sm. & Read
? Lindmania Mez
? Lymania Read
? Mezobromelia L.B.Sm
? Navia Schult.f.
? Neoglaziovia Mez
? Neoregelia L.B.Sm.
? Nidularium Lem.
? Ochagavia Phil.
? Orthophytum Beer
? Pepinia
? Pitcairnia L'Her.
? Portea K. Koch
? Pseudaechm ea L.B.Sm. & Read
? Pseudanana
s Hassl. ex Harms
? Puya Molina
? Quesnelia Gaudich.
? Racinaea
? Ronnbergia E.Morren & Andre
? Steyerbromel ia L.B.Sm
? Streptocalyx Beer
? Tillandsia L.
? Vriesia Lindl.
? Werauhia J.R.Grant
? Wittrockia Lindm.
? Ursulaea

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