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Friday September 17, 2021
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California Salinas Creeks Invasive Weeds Identification Manual

It's Free!

PDF 52 pages 22 weed species identified with high quality illustrations information compiled by Jesse Huselid-Glass and Miguel Hernandez, Summer 2004. Special thanks to the RON team: Theresa Galvin, Bird Navarro, Bree Candiloro, Jordan Plotsky, Christina Hurley, and Laura Lienk.

This guide presents basic information about 22 invasive species that have been observed in the creek systems surrounding the Carr Lake area. This information is intended to be useful for people doing habitat restoration in this area, such as parks employees and nonprofit and school groups, but can also be useful to anyone who wants to remove unwanted invasive species form their garden, neighborhood, or school. What is an invasive weed? Weeds are plants that invade an area and reproduce fast enough to overgrow and push out species that are already living there.



2.Bristly Ox-tongue
3.Bull thistle
4.Cape ivy
5.Common cocklebur
6.Curly dock
7.English plantain
9.French broom
10.Harding grass
11.Himalayan blackberry
13.Italian rye
15.Mayweed chamomile
16.Poison hemlock
17.Prickly lettuce
18.Prostrate knotweed
19.Rabbit?s foot grass
21.Short-pod mustard

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