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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Broadleaf Weed Control Identification For Lawns in Oklahoma

It's Free!

PDF 7 pages 17 species by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service HLA-6601 David Hillock Extension Consumer Horticulturist. A healthy, vigorous turf is the best control for weeds. Most common broadleaf weeds are not a problem when a well-adapted turfgrass is properly established, fertilized, mowed, and watered. However, a thin, weak stand of grass will be heavily invaded by weeds. The information in this fact sheet was prepared to help you identify and control your broadleaf weed problems. For complete information on correctly caring for your lawn, see F-6420, ?Lawn Management in Oklahoma.?

HENBIT (Lamium amplexicaule)
CRANESBILL (Geranium carolinianum)
SHEPHERD?S PURSE (Capsella bursapastoris)
MOUSEEAR CHICKWEED (Cerastium vulgatum)
COMMON CHICKWEED (Stellaria media)

DANDELION (Taraxacum officinale)
WILD CARROT (Daucus carota)
WHITE CLOVER (Trifolium repens)

BLACK MEDIC (Medicago lupulina)
PURSLANE (Portulaca oleracea)
CARPETWEED (Mollugo verticillata)
SPOTTED SPURGE (Euphorbia maculata)
PROSTRATE KNOTWEED (Polygonum aviculare)

CURLY DOCK (Rumex crispus)
BUCKHORN PLANTAIN (Plantago lanceolata)
COMMON YARROW (Achillea millefolium)

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