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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Identification and Control of Invasive Weeds in N Dakota

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PDF 76 pages 32 species identified by Rodney G. Lym, Professor of Weed Science NDSU Department of Plant Sciences, Andrea J. Travnicek, Natural Resources Specialist. Identification and Control of Invasive And Troublesome Weeds in North Dakota. This publication was made possible by collaboration of the authors, the North Dakota State University Extension Service and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture and is intended to help land managers properly identify and control noxious and invasive weeds found in the state. The current list of 12 noxious weeds are included, as well as species listed by various counties as noxious. Other species included are either invasive weeds found in bordering states with the potential to move into North Dakota or are commonly misidentified native species that do not require control efforts, such as the native thistles.

Weeds Identified

Absinth wormwood
Baby?s breath
Black henbane
Chamomile, false and scentless
Common burdock
Common tansy
Dame?s rocket
Downy brome
Field bindweed
Hoary cress
Knapweed, Russian
Knapweed, spotted and diffuse
Leafy spurge
Milkweed, common and showy
Orange hawkweed
Poison ivy
Purple loosestrife
Sowthistle, annual and spiny
Sowthistle, perennial and marsh
St. Johnswort
Thistle, bull
Thistle, Canada
Thistle, Flodman
Thistle, musk
Thistle, plumeless
Thistle, Scotch
Thistle, wavyleaf
Toadfl ax, Dalmatian and yellow
Yellow starthistle

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