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Friday September 17, 2021
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Common Weeds in Container and Field Nurseries in Arkansas

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PDF 5 pages 31 images-species by University of Arkansas, United States Department of Agriculture, and County Governments Cooperating. Identification of Common Weeds Observed in Container and Field Nurseries in Arkansas.

Bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon Grass Summer perennial

Bittercress, Hairy Cardamine hirsute Broadleaf Winter annual

Bluegrass, Annual Poa annua Grass Winter annual

Buttercup, Small Floweed Ranunculus Broadleaf Winter Annual

Carpetweed Mollugo verticillata Broadleaf Summer annual

Chamberbitter Phyllanthus urinararia Broadleaf Summer Annual

Chickweed, Common Stellaria media Broadleaf Winter annual

Clover, White Trifolium repens Broadleaf Winter perennial

Crabgrass Digitaria sp. Grass Summer annual

Cudweed, Purple Gnaphalium purpureum Broadleaf Winter annual

Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Broadleaf Winter perennial

Eclipta Eclipta prostrata Broadleaf Summer annual

Field Madder Sherardia arvensis Broadleaf Winter annual

Garlic, Wild Allium vineale Monocot Winter perennial

Geranium, Carolina Geranium carolinianum Broadleaf Winter annual

Goosegrass Eleusine indica Grass Summer annual

Henbit Lamium amplexicaule Broadleaf Winter annual

Marestail Conyza canadensis Broadleaf Summer annual

Mulberry Weed Fatoua villosa Broadleaf

Nutsedge, Purple Cyperus rotundus Monocot Summer perennial

Nutsedge, Yellow Cyperus esculentus Monocot Summer perennial

Pigweed, Smooth or Common Amaranthus hybridus Broadleaf Summer annual

Primrose, Cutleaf Evening Oenothera laciniata Broadleaf Winter annual

Sedges, Annual/Rice Flatsedge Cyperus sp. Monocot Summer annual

Shepherd's Purse Capsella bursa-pastoris Broadleaf Winter annual

Sorrel, Red Rumex acetosella Broadleaf Summer perennial

Sorrel, Wood Oxalis europaea Broadleaf Summer perennial

Speedwell, Corn Veronica arvensis Broadleaf Winter annual

Spurge, Spotted Chamaesyce maculata Broadleaf Summer annual

Spurge, Prostrate Chamaesyce humistrata Broadleaf Summer annual

Virginia Pepperweed Lepidium virginicum Broadleaf Summer annual

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