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Monday January 18, 2021
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Maryland Noxious Weed Identification

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PDF 2 pages 6 weed species identified by Maryland Department of Agriculture Plant Protection and Weed Management Section - www.mda.state.md.us. In cooperation with: Maryland Department OF Agriculture
Plant Protection and Weed Managmenet Section. Description: Warm-season annual, reproducing by seed. Root system fibrous. Stems erect, smooth, 4 to 8 feet tall with tillers readily produced from crown. Leaves resemble those of forage sorghum with a pronounced whitish-green mid-vein. Seed heads resemble forage sorghum but seeds appear dark red to black when mature. Seeds ?shatter?, or drop easily at maturity. Thistles, Johnsongrass, and shattercane have been declared prohibited noxious weeds in Maryland. These weeds must be controlled by anyone owning or managing land within the State. Once the plants have matured, seeds from these noxious weeds are transported by wind, water, and man. These weeds threaten the productive land of farmers and cause unsightly and unwanted problems in lawns and gardens of homeowners.

Weed Images Included:

JOHNSONGRASS (Sorghum halepense)

CANADA THISTLE (Circium arvense)

BULL THISTLE (Circium vulgare)

PLUMELESS THISTLE (Carduus acanthoides)

MUSK THISTLE (Carduus nutans)

SHATTERCANE (Sorghum bicolor)

Regions Impacted: (See related documents in region)


Mid Atlantic,

Middle Atlantic,


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