Tuesday July 17, 2018
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This text can be changed by
editing includes/languages/english/desert_noon/header.php

Welcome to Ergonica

Introducing Desert Noon Template

Designed for Zen Cart version 1.3.8.


  • Fixed width 3 column display
  • Colors: Styled in Sage Green, Yellow, Tan and Blue.
  • Customized button set included.
  • Per-page CSS stylesheets to style individual pages.
  • Better Categories Sidebox installed.
  • Order Steps (tableless) installed.
  • Date in Header.
  • Tested using Firefox, IE7, Opera, Safari.

Additional Recommendations:

  • admin -> configuration -> layout settings
  • Column Width - Left Boxes (set to 150px) default
  • Column Width - Right Boxes (set to 150px) default
  • Column Width - Left (set to 160px)
  • Column Width - Right (set to 160px)
  • Define Breadcrumb Status 2 (Off for Home Page Only)
  • Categories Separator between links Status (set to 0)
  • Categories Separator between the Category Name and Count (delete the default setting)
  • Categories Separator between the Category Name and Sub Categories (delete the default setting)

Stylesheet Settings:

The top horizontal category navigation, and the footer IP address are set to display none by default.

  • To use comment out these declarations:
  • #navCatTabsWrapper {
  • display: none;
  • }
  • #siteinfoIP {
  • display: none;
  • }
  • and un-comment the following declaration:
  • /* #navCatTabsWrapper {
  • margin: 0 auto;
  • background: url(../images/navbar.gif) repeat-x;
  • font-weight: bold;
  • color: #ffffff;
  • }*/

This content is located in the file at: /languages/english/html_includes/desert_noon/define_main_page.php

You can quickly edit this content via Admin-> Tools-> Define Pages Editor, and select define_main_page from the pulldown. You can also edit it directly if you prefer.

NOTE: Always backup the files in /languages/english/html_includes/your_template

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